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A deceptively easy philosophical question, and one of the two core concepts of existentialism, the other being our insignificance on the massive scale of the universe. The one answers the other: existence has no meaning. Meaning is a construct of our imaginations. It is inherently irrelevant to any philosophical discussion and should never be taken for a concrete fact. There you go. Jesus, guys, calm down now. It's not that hard.
Borb sneepington: Wow, this spaghetti is amazing! It's so good, it makes me wonder about the meaning of existence.
Fred: Don't kid yourself. The taste of spaghetti is no more than a side-effect of the chemical structure of your human brain. Existence is too big for any of us pathetic creatures to give a meaning. Anyone who thinks about such questions is only a mere animal just like the rest, telling themselves a half-hearted lie to make themselves feel more intelligent or more important, as a method to cope with the thought of their utter insignificance on the grand scale of the universe, as we are all no more than an infinitesimal specks lost of
In the cold dark emptiness of our lives.
Borb: Wow. That's deep.
Fred: No. Our pathetic ideals are incredibly shallow. We drag out our tiny lives to fulfill them while in reality we know nothing of the world except that what little early we do know will not save us from the inevitable release of death.
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