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A small run down neighbourhood north/west side of the city of Melbourne. Meadow Heights is known mainly for the various crimes commited in the area.

Today, Meadow Heights is known by the locals and near by neighbourhoods as being part of "the ghetto" or "the hood". Multiple murders, rapes, stabbings and domestic disturbances are recorded to have occured in Meadow Heights. Locals are known to refer to the area as "The Heights". Surrounding neightbourhoods such as Craigieburn and Greenvale are known as the rich suburbs that fenced themselves off from Meadow Heights and other neighbourhoods. Street racing and drug dealing is a daily occurance on the main streets of The Heights at night. The majority of the people living in and around Meadow Heights are people of Middle Eastern and European descent.The main ethnic group is the Turkish peoples. Many people migrate over to the area due to the easy access and low prices of the housing.
guy1: yo yalleh, we gon go to the heights tonight?

guy 2: yeah man, they sell fine smack there.

girl 1:where's that party tonight?

girl 2:its westside in meadow heights
girl 1:that shits way out of the way. Its the ghetto down there.
girl 2:yeah, I'll ask some guys to go with us.
by mich.abdul July 04, 2012
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A scummy and messed up neighbourhood in Victoria where lots of robberies and killings happen under the radar. Lots of junkies and drug dealers live in the area.
guy- man I need more crack
guy 2- fuck man just go to meadow heights and pick some up
by anth08 December 25, 2012
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