The spiritual sucessor of undertale fandom, both the good and the bad.
Mcyt fandom is filled to the brim with wonderful artist all across the globe and sadly many, many, cringy fans
by An mcyt fan August 01, 2021
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One of the nicest people you are ever going to meet. They are always going to support you no matter what
My friend is in the mcyt fandom and they are always here for me!
by April 14, 2021
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Very weird and toxic. They get mad at you if you don’t like dream, George and the other people.
The mcyt fandom is so toxic.
by _ispeakfacts_ March 30, 2021
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People who are in Mcyt Fandom are the kindest and funniest people i’ve actually ever meet, some of them can be toxic, but majority of them are so nice! <3
My friend is from the mcyt fandom!
by xx.ACE.LOL.xx April 15, 2021
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