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A very suave gentlemen. Someone you could picture owning and running a casino or a car dealership. A McStoner is someone who is very smooth with all of the ladies and top dog among his friends. Women break up with their boyfriends for not being a McStoner. Everyone would want to strive to be more like a McStoner.
Oh my gosh, look at McStoner surrounded by all of those women over there!

Why can't you just be more like McStoner?!
by chelseagirl8 March 27, 2011
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a damn fine sandwich made from a mcdonalds double cheeseburger and a hot n' spicy mcchicken

to make it you must buy your double cheeseburger and your hot 'n spicy mcchicken

take it all apart bun and meat

take your first bun and put one single burger from the under it then another bun then you take your mcchicken patty and then put a bun under it and finish with your last burger and last bun

these come together in an orgy of amazing flavor for $2

go try one!!!
this mcstoner burger is amazing lets get high to make it taste even better!!!
by jacktherogue April 21, 2009
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A word that is used to describe someone who smokes pot that works at or craves McDonalds.
My friend used to just be a stoner but since he started working at McDonalds he is now a McStoner.

That pot is makeing me want food from McDonalds, i'm such a McStoner.
by eekscar October 29, 2010
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