Delicious 1990s pizza that addicts still crave for to this day. Why did it die? No, it wasn't bland - in fact it had a spicy sauce...and that was it's downfall.

McPizza used a special oven and special dough and special sauce - it was a marvel. Everything was scientifically tested to bring the hottest, spiciest and freshest tasting pizza you could imagine. Americans (and particularly Canadians) were not prepared for this spicy pizza, which sometimes took 20 minutes to make. It was fucking delicious, hot and spicy and greatly missed by those few that had the chance to eat it.
McPizza? No thanks, it's too spicy for my Canadian sensibility. Why don't we go drink a litre of mayonnaise instead?
by Joey Diggs July 12, 2009
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Lame mid-nineties attempt by McDonalds to sell pizza in their North American restaurants. Preceded by saturation marketing that scared the living daylights out of the regular pizza places, who figured that the Golden Arches was going to run them out of business. This didn't happen -- the resulting pizza was bland (like much of McD's food offerings), and most people who actually wanted pizza went to a pizza place like they always had. The company and its frachisees were left on the hook for expensive new ovens and widened drive through windows that weren't needed. Even saturation marketing wasn't enough to change the pizza habits of ordinary Americans, and McPizza was gradually abandoned, and generally forgotten. This was a sign that the Golden Arches wasn't always right, and a harbinger of the relative decline that McDonalds has since suffered relative to other fast food options.
Mcpizza? C'mon, let's go to Vittorio's and get some *real* pizza rather than that cardboard sh*t.
by eugene206 October 11, 2006
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