Enthusiasm for Katherine McPhee, one of "American Idol's" fifth-season contestants. The word is a portmanteau between "McPhee" and "fever."
Katherine McPhee wasn't voted off, last night. America must really have McPheever.
by Crow McLachlan May 16, 2006
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A word refering to someone really liking the singer Katharine McPhee, as if a person would have a fever.
I have McPheever!
Katharine McPhee is so good, she's starting to give me McPheever!
by Kat Lover September 24, 2007
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Somebody who is a fan of Katharine Mcphee from the hit reality show, American Idol, and is a huge fan, who cant get enough of katharine. Its a made up illness in related to the "fever".
"I've caught the mcpheever! Im gonna go play some Katharine songs now"
by Jenx April 28, 2006
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