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Definatly a girl you need to meet. All around amazing and unpredictable. Loves to have fun but is careful about what she does. Shy at times but very outgoing and has the best sense of humor ever. Unlike any girl you will ever know.
Flirty and friendly. Would be the best friend ever or more. Everyone adores her.
You never know what shes gonna do next.
you - look at that girl over there, shes so gorgeous!
friend - oh her names McKaila.
you - no wonder!!
by gottagooooo! November 28, 2011
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An insecure but sweet, intelligent but weird person who likes to try new things and is very observant and notices the little things that no one else does. Has a witty sense of humor that very few understand. Is quite introverted and enjoys being alone. Is very meticulous when it comes to privacy and is very easy to piss off. Isn't a person who trust very easily and is very superstitious. Is really emotional but hides it really well.

When you meet a McKaila try to think about what you want to say before you say it. She can hold a strong grudge.
You-oh look its McKaila
Person-You know her?, she is an extreme introvert, she doesn't talk to anyone.
You- she probably just dosent trust them. She is a McKaila after all.
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