A more modest version of the McMansion. Usually 3 or 4 bedroom cookie-cutter suburban home built in the mid-90's or later.
Julie dreamed of buying a McMansion but had to settle for a McHouse in the same zip code.
by simonlicksnuts July 11, 2008
A house in a suburban subdivision consisting of endless rows of nearly identical houses. McHouses are usually poorly built and have numerous issues including cheap vinyl siding, low-quality plumbing fixtures, low-effort landscaping, and sloppy construction work.
Steve: We're going to have to repipe your house.
David: But my house is so new! It was only built in 2005!
Steve: It's a McHouse and the original builders used low-quality materials.

David: Looks like the realtor screwed me over.
by Four Loko Frat Guy November 1, 2022