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Any activity or eating problem (usually from McDonald's) that increases pressure on the abdominal wall tissue (a McDouble or McChicken for example) may lead to a hernia, including:
Chronic constipation (may cause McCramps)
Chronic cough
Enlarged prostate (straining to urinate)
Extra weight
Heavy lifting (from extra weight)
Undescended testicles (hormones in the food do that)
Broseph 1: "Bro, I'm up in the hosptial."

Broseph 2: "Man, what happened?"

Broseph 1: "I was at McDonald's and tried the McGangbang and the McGangrape which led to a McOrgy and then I had McCramps so then I thought I was getting the McShits, but actually it was a McHernia."

Broseph 2: "Aw shit man."
by McCustomer October 25, 2010
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