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A mid-tier accounting firm that is akin to the dating term "sloppy seconds." Almost all employees who start here were rejected from Big Four accounting firms because they have the personality and IQ of door knobs. This firm saves resources on strategic planning by copying some of the progams of larger accounting firms, only a year later.

Employees of McGladrey are easy to spot. During the months of January through March, in preparation for hibernation, McGladrey employees typically gain between 5 and 65 pounds. However, this phenomenon is limited to the tax professionals, which have lavish catered meals in the office for three months straigt while the audit professionals starve at client offices with no meal reimbursements allowed.

McGladrey is also a microcasm for the problems of American society. The wealth gap is clearly seen in McGladrey, with partners (who sold their equity in the firm to H&R Block in the late 90s) driving Mercedes and staffers riding their new Dyno freestyle BMX's in January. In addition, McGladrey partners have new Toshiba microlaptops, with staffers performing audit work on suitcase laptops that were rejected from the local museums.
Mike wished he was paid the market salary, but he works at McGladrey. So he'll have to wait until next year for a decent raise.
by gaucho August 21, 2007
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