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A sandwich from McDonalds similar to the McGangBang (Double Cheeseburger split with a McChicken inside) only you add an apple pie. The difference being you know the apple pie doesn't want to be there.
Hey Mike did you get the mcgangbang for lunch today?
Nah, I upgraded to the McGangRape!
by heil_cooter February 19, 2010
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McGangrape is a double cheeseburger from McDonalds with a 4 piece McNugget in between the two patties and Sweet&Sour sauce drizzled on top of the Chicken nuggets. However, The nuggets that you use should be the odd shaped ones not the circle shaped nuggets, the odd ones fit the sandwich better. Similar to the McGangbang minus the extra bun, lettuce, and mayo.
#1: I was gonna get a McGangbang but I'm not that hungry, I think I'll just get the McGangrape.

#2: I could eat 2 McGangrapes I'm so hungry.

#3: Yo, your mom got McGangraped last night, sweet&Sour sauce all over that ass. mmmm mmm good.

#4: K.F.C.'s new sandwich is not as good as the new McGangrape from McDonalds. It makes me wanna go punch an endangered animal .
by Blacky Lovefist May 27, 2010
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a sandwhich of epic porportions form McDonalds. the sandwhich consist of 2 double quarter pounders with chease with Big Mac sauce on them, and two McChickens. To assemble the sandwhich you open the quater pounders so one patty is on the top bun and one on the bottom of the bun. take the two top half and put them together (having meat touch patty no bun on bun or meat on meat) and do the samw for the bottom pieces. next place the two McChickens on top of each other and then put those between the tops of the quater poundes and the bottoms. the sandwhich is a good 7-10 inches!
OMG that McGang-Rape is massive, no way your gonna finish it!
by the bear jew! December 10, 2010
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when someone or a pair of people do some serious killing online while playing anytype of online game, preferably COD.
Dude we just did a real McGangrape on them mother fuckers.

Those pussies didnt know what happened until they were already being McGanraped by Trizz and Bubba!
by Trizzler December 15, 2010
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