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A McFoose is a short stumpy giggly grizzly that has a huge harry happy trail which connects from his lower back through the taint and continuing to his frontal black hole of a navel (Horseshoe shape). He often mistakes other people's girl friends as his own but then realizes that whackin his shriveled chode to animated or Asian porn is easier than getting off the couch to meet a hungry mate. Also being able to eat his corn infested moldy toes and being able to have his sweaty swampy fruitbasket resting on your face is a plus for a possible Mrs. McFoose. A McFoose may also somtimes carry around two Wok pan sized nipples and a binder full of Yu-Gi-OH cards.But if you need to find a McFoose you can def find one in the VIRGIN catagory. PeeeeeeeeaCE.
I recently asked my friend McFoose how his night went after the bar when he brought that girl home:

He replied..."It was great....we were watching Pokemon and things got hot n heavy but when I took off my clothes, I hit her with my nips and strangled her with my jungle taint"
by We're Baaaaaack September 23, 2006
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