Storing alcohol in shrubbery to be consumed at a later time.
"Jake, you can't bring that bottle of booze into the bar. Go McFarland it outside."
by dr, greg house md May 7, 2009
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McFarland (verb): to straddle and kiss. Often dressed somewhat indecently.
E.g. "Sorry Dr. Miller, I'm going to be late for work. I was trying to get out of bed but I was soundly McFarlanded".
by McFarland's chap December 18, 2012
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. God knows why, it's a pretty horrible place, with summer (late May-late October) temperatures averaging in the high 90s and air quality that can practically disable you. Winter is short and usually doesn't get colder than 50 degrees in the daytime. Meth is as easily found as soda machines and getting drunk at parties in the middle of fields is a common Friday night activity. With an astonishing high school consisting of 53 students with a graduating class of 3. Guys drive mustangs and think they’re the shit, little do others know that they are paying their food with EBT.
McFarland smells like ass
by Pestin March 17, 2018
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To have an Asian woman fetish, or be attracted to Asian woman.
Friend: yo I just got back from the doctor

Me: what happened

Friend: I got diagnosed with McFarlandism
by BigAlskates January 25, 2022
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a whiney kid who gets salty when loses in fortnite
oh look there's a crippled rat! ''no that's just mcfarland''
by gravity56 October 10, 2020
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The term used to describe a raging bear or a angry boy who needs to calm down swiftly.

Symtoms of a mcfarland is for the hair to go lemon coloured and the face to go red like a red hot likea branding iron thats hot, oh so very hot, so hot that it glows red, and hurts to look at and brings a tear to the eye of the person who is looking at a Mcfarland face.
Boy to other boy

"Awww but andy"

Andy to boy "calm down Mcfarland!!
by Fabian 118 June 8, 2009
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The undisputed goat. The best at everything you could possibly imagine. He would drop 50 on Jabbar on any given day
Pat McFarland is the greatest player of all time
by Elginhatepage May 11, 2022
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