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Derivative of the words 'fantasy', 'liar', 'fabrication', 'exaggerate', 'obese' and perhaps most well known in association with the word 'arse'.
McCombie was a user on a well known car forum in the UK. He created a whole world of lies before being publically outed by various other users. He then took exception to his discovery, especially when the thread in which he was outed was publicised globally by various other car forums linking to it and generally laughing in excess at his incredibly intrincately web of woven lies. However, he persisted, apologised and remained.

Unfortunately, he was then found to be lying again, this time about an accident that never occured (purporting there to be injuries to persons) and subsequently disappeared into the ether only to resurface with a very miscalculated, and stupid, definition of one of the car forum members.
by MrMeZillion September 05, 2007
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