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Basically just a type of chav who hangs around MacDonalds, trying to look intimidating with big Ronald MacDonald posters behind them. Like any other chav really, just they like fast food that tiny bit more, which of course consequences in obesity and serious acne. SO yes, very much like any other chav.
Tommy Titmouse - Im Hungry
'Firestarter Annie' - What About MacDonalds?
Tommy Titmouse - Noooo Too Many Filthy Greasy Sweaty Spotty Fat McChavs!!!!!
'Firestarter Annie' - EWWWWWWW!!!!*Screams + Cries*
by annie+tommypoo! September 05, 2005
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Literally 'Middle-class Chav.' A middle person who uses vouchers, discounts, grants and other sources of income to try to emulate the upper classes. Examples include acquiring a university degree, holiday home and other status symbols. In fact the person is as much in poverty as other chavs who try to emulate the lives of the upper classes to get a sense of importance.
I won't go to any shop unless I've got some vouchers with me - I'm such a McChav!
by Dzon October 21, 2013
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