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Being brain washed to love McDonald's from an early age, and to associate McDonald's with all happy thoughts, like birthdays and parties and holidays.
In Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock conducts the following interview with little kids who have sadly been McBrainWashed:

"Morgan Spurlock: What is this a picture of?
Child: I don't know. George W. Bush?
Morgan shows the camera that it is actually a picture of Jesus

Morgan Spurlock: To kids I'm gonna show you some pictures and I want you to tell me who they are.
Children: OK.
Morgan Spurlock: Showing a picture of George Washington Who's that?
Child: George Washington?
Children: Good. Who was he?
Children: He was the 4th president. He freed the slaves. He could never tell a lie.
Morgan Spurlock: Shows picture that you can't see Who's that?
Child: George W. Bush?
Morgan Spurlock: No. That's a good guess though.
Shows picture and its a picture of Jesus
Morgan Spurlock: Who is this?
Shows a picture of Wendy
Child: Wendy!
Morgan Spurlock: Nice!
Morgan Spurlock: Who's that?
Shows picture of Ronald MacDonald
Child: MacDonald, Ronald MacDonald.
Child: MacDonald!
Morgan Spurlock: What does he do?
Child: He helps people at the cash register.
Child: He works at MacDonald's. I love the pancakes and sausage!
Child: He brings everyone of his friends to McDonald's for a Happy Meal
Morgan Spurlock: Where have you seen him?
Child: On television, on the commercials.
Child: He's the character that made McDonald's, and he does a lot of funny stuff on TV. "
by Adel7 September 05, 2007
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