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Mazhiel is another form of the hebrew native word, Mazel, which means luck. Arguably, Mazel or Mazhiel is a name of an angel of the lord within the ranks of of Powers, meaning "Luck of the God."

In some culture, lady luck name is considered as Ma - Azel or Mazel.

In forgotten literature, specifically the unpublished Ludovico Ariosto's first piece of Orlando Furiouso (Madness of Roland,) 1516 - Mazhiel was one of the characters that has been erased or has been replaced by another name. Mazhiel was an Angel (powers) who fell deeply in love with Orlando and was the one responsible of most of the aid the protagonist received in the story. She was also the one who gave Elijah's flaming chariot to the Knight Astolfo in his quest to cure Orlando's madness.

Mazhiel also took Roland's Sword, the Durendal and vowed to take it to Aude upon the Paladin's death. But when Aude heard of Roland's death, she touched the sword and died at Charlemagne's feet.

In history, Mazhiel was a young female slave from the near east (probably Israel,) bought by European Merchants. She was later saved by the then young Frankish Military Captain, Roland before he became the Military governor of Breton March. (Whom the Song of Roland was based)
That girl is so lucky, she must be blessed by Mazhiel.
by Mazel_Angel December 08, 2010
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