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Typically found in the homes of the irresponsibly wealthy, a room designated for swimming in mayonnaise.
(The scene: Lord Wealthy's Manor. Doorbell chimes Tik-Tok by Ke$ha. Bulter Jeeves opens door)

Mr. So-and-So: Hello, I'm Mr. So-and-So. I have an appointment with His Grace Lord Wealthy.

Jeeves: Ah yes, Do come in, sir. I'm afraid m'lud will be delayed momentarily.

Mr.SS: Oh, I do hope I am not interrupting anything important.

J: Not at all, sir. M'lud is merely taking his postprandial dip in the Mayonnaisium.

Mr. SS: Ah, I see. Very good then.
by 2curious May 15, 2010
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Any sufficiently large gathering of white people; any event where the food provided or brought is expected to be mostly mayonnaise-based.
"You get over to Aunt Karen's cookout, bud? Real mayonnaisium."
by DestroFace March 25, 2020
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Feeling lost in Costco or another big box store when you can't find what you're looking for because they've changed up the location of the products on the shelves.

There is currently no FDA-approved drug to treat mayonnaisia, but intravenous Cheez Whiz is currently in clinical trials.
Daggumit. Where's the 50 gallon drum of mayonnaise?
by Ae5Ea8 March 10, 2017
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