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the idea/theory that government has corrupted and brainwashed society by means of consumerism and advertisement.
Person 1: "Whats wrong with the world today?"

Person 2: "Maybe its Maybeline."

Person 1: "Oh yeah, that would explain it."
by ashleylynne21 April 15, 2011
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Girl is giving head and wants guy to cum on her tits. Guy cums on her face instead and then rubs it in like makeup.
She wouldn't let me cum in her mouth so I gave her the "maybe its maybeline" instead. She was scrubbing in the shower for atleast 15 minutes to get it off her face.
by Bushcow October 07, 2008
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When you stick your finder in a girls chocolate starfish and wipe it on her eyes for that classic eyeshadow look.
Tom: What's that smell?

John: Maybe its Susan, Maybe its Maybeline.
Tom: I didn't know she was a freak like that!
by YungJacques December 08, 2016
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