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A woman that is easy to talk to and a real joy to be around. When you are around her she makes everything fun, and is bound to make you crack a smile that is ear to ear. She is obsessed with Nip/Tuck and AIM dates. She is also a very accepting person. She's where the parties at. Shes constantly grinning, and laughing. She likes to think of her as the funniest person she knows. She's very outgoing and enjoys life. She doesn't need a cell phone, which is great! She is a very independent woman, and is great at giving pity wins while playing tag. She also thinks of herself as a one man wolfpack. Her nerdy laugh is awesome! She is very easy to talk to, and is a hilarious person! She also likes stealing other peoples job. All in all she is truly a great person.
Whos that girl who thinks she can just take my job and thinks she can do popper better than me? -umm thats Mayanne...shes very mean..
by THE Derrick! July 14, 2010
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