The most epic weekend known to man (also known as 'epic may long')
- Ridiculous camping experiences where:
Copious amount of alchohol are consumed despite the governments attempt to make it a dry weekend through various drinking games or through the insane ability to consume an inhuman amount of alchohol
Lengedary Adventures are created, which in turn create stories which are told, retold, changed to something utterly ridiculous, but not denied, and reminised once a week at a weekely get together in a place where cheap wings are sold
Usually a large amount of nakedness occurs as a result of large amounts of alchohol or most usually the desire to go skinny dipping hopefully meeting up with a group of girls also enjoying there epic may long
"Hey man you coming on our may long weekend camping trip" "Hell ya, remember last year" "Damn striaght i do, soo epic!"

"K i totally don't remember inviting that guy on this may long weekend campin trip" "Who?" "That guy over there" "You mean Aussie?" "Yeah man" "No worries we'll just leave his drunk ass naked on the beach"
by Wollf December 1, 2008
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