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A horrid big brown beetle that comes out in mid may in europe and the UK. their real name is a cockchafer, maybug is a nick name, also some northern england nicknames are billy witch and wang beetle.

they are attracted to light like all other flying things they are big about size of a 2 pound coin 10p coin, 3cm, brown shell with a sort of tail the shape of a stinger.

They slam into windows to get their next hit on their drug, light, scary for girls but cant do anyway just a badass beetle. make a weird low tone buzz when they fly.

there are rumours that they like landing in hair get tangled up and layeggs, but these rumours are not proven, so no need to panic.

how to counter them? well turn light off and shut window or because its hot turn light of and draw curtains.

also dogs eat them. there are becoming extict but there are peak times where there high numbers of maybugs every 30 years or so.
guy: i will get the bb gun...

2# may bug hunter equipment: powerful bb gun and dog.
by blackbird1235631253 May 24, 2010
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