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A Mattyn is an extremely rare breed of boy. They are arkward in an adorable way, and really sweet and understanding of girls /and/ boys. A Mattyn tends to be a bit clueless in the dating area, but once you get to know him he will probably be the nicest guy you ever meet. They are talented and passionate about the arts (music in particular) and enjoy rock tmusic, walking in forests, and looking up at the stars. Mattyns are extremely compatable with libras.
Sarah: Who's that quiet boy in the corner, the one with curly hair?
Michelle: Oh that's Mattyn.

Sarah: I'd like to meet a guy, but i'm soo shy.
Michelle: Awh, you need to find yourself a Mattyn.
by k_i_l_l_j_o_y April 29, 2014
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