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Matty Drunk is a state of intoxication from excessive binge drinking to the point of complete obliteration. The person who is "Matty Drunk" may dose off in bars/clubs/pubs/camping trips or curbs. The person may fall over several times on any given night. If you have nice shoes, hide them because a “Matty Drunk” could mistake them for his own and walk out of the party wearing YOUR SHOES!!! The person will most likly put more food on the ground then in his mouth. The person who is "Matty Drunk" may refer to the same few words over and over again such as "getter done, doosh bag, dooshee, and a little weird" even when it's not a "little weird" making the “Matty Drunk” “very weird”. The person may play an imaginary guitar called an "air guitar" several times in one night. The person who is "Matty Drunk" will become destructive and verbally abusive to bums, sergeants, people he does not know and maybe even you.
Matty Drunk says: "Hey dew I just broke my key off in my apartment building lobby door, I can't get inside now, oh man I am so Matty Drunk"

Lips(Ryan) replies: "yes, yes you are"
by Lips (Ryan) June 02, 2008
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