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Matthew Johnson's are the most sexiest men on earth and women latch onto them like wild animals. When confronted by a Matthew Johnson, women mostly ogle, bow down in awe or simply tackle them right then and there and rip all of their clothes off. Matthew Johnson's are also quite intelligent and are experts at video games. They really know how to impress the ladies and usually can stop a crowd just by smiling. Men usually fall for Matthew Johnson's too... Even straight ones. :O Matthew Johnson's do have problems with believing they are always sick though, so it takes work to own a Matthew Johnson. At the end of the day though, a Matthew Johnson is great to have. They are entertaining, smart and are great at acrobatics and gymnastics. So they can do great sex positions.
Girl one "Did you see that?"

Girl two "Yep, that was a Matthew Johnson. Tackle him, yes?"

Girl one "Oh yeah." >;D
by SavvyGoesRawr August 29, 2010
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