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This guy who goes ow, ow, ow and currently has a long nose who pokes you in the eye daily. He currently sings gay tunes to his wannabe boyfriend "Harry Styles", if noticing this long nosed person he could be possibly a jew. His gas stinks the whole room out creating an tectonic bomb dashing through the windows it smells like shat.
That Matthew Shirley is a tectonic long nosed bomb "Winky Wace, No, No, No face for you"
by It'sYaBoiDJD April 21, 2017
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This is a different type of guy, he is quite bi as he enjoys to squeeze male asses. He pinches and starts to shout "Here comes the tickle monster" down an ally way. He is very mysterious since he claims he's a different person. He is very weird on how he tried to motorboats a male who is no one you need to know. Matthew is one of a kind due to the fact he likes to touch up little kiddies asses.
Matthew Shirley is the tickle Monster
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by It'sYaBoiDJD April 22, 2017
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