Coming from the name "Matthieu", when pronounced by a loving girlfriend comes out as Mattchew. Mattchew's are the best boyfriend any girl or guy could ask for, and anyone who even knows a Mattchew is very lucky to have someone like this in your life. He is a gamer but also pays attention to the ones he loves, even if it means pausing a game. He knows his limits but he is still amazing. Over all else, Mattchew is perfect and believes in clearing this world of thots with the help of Mr. Steal Yo Girl and the other members of the patriarchy.

Mattchews' are the best people out there, so if you have one, let them know you love them and how amazing they are
I love you Mattchew
by JaedonElle October 11, 2017
mattchew is the irish form of matthwew
"mattchew can't say matthew"
by -elle September 22, 2007