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This name mostly describes the most perfect girl you can find out there. She's amazing to be around and always can bring a smile to you face when ever you're feeling down. There is no one out there quite like her, so if you are ever to have a Matilin in your life, make sure to keep her there for as long as you possibly can.

Matilin is often shortened to Mati, and they will be known for that name. This girl is always there for you and will help you when ever you need it. She has a smile that can brighten your day and make you smile as well cause it's just that amazing. She's the perfect girlfriend and an amazing person to fall slowly in love with. Her laugh is beautiful, you'll always try to do something to make her laugh, smile, or talk, because you can never get enough of that from her. She's an amazing kisser, you crave her kisses each day, crave that feeling of her body against yours, you'll crave everything about her and can never get enough of it. She's an all around perfect person with a beautiful personality, be lucky to ever have a Matilin in your life.
Guy 1 : Who's that?

Guy 2 : Oh that's Matilin, she's amazing!
by Lexus_10 November 27, 2012
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