What a poor stupid guy calls a girl who dosen't want a guy who is going to work at KFC the rest of his life and make 6 bucks an hour.

''Guy''- I gave you 10 dollars once, you took me for a ride, what a materialistic bitch!

''Girl''- You think people use you for your money.. theres only a couple problems with that. 1- You have no money 2- I make more than you. 3. The real reason is she just dosen't like you but you would rather blame money to get over that fact.
Damn man, she rejected me for him? What a materialistic bitch!... Well yea, duh, you work at KFC and he has goals in life.
by Ksils December 30, 2007
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a girl or bitch that go wit somebody for they possessions instead of personality.
You just want me for my clothes, you aint real you a materialistic bitch.
by bboybitch November 04, 2007
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