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A noun meaning a person who enjoys to beat women and drink beer. Matchews enjoy to listen to music about themselves, and have a great thirst for further knowledge in Mathematics and Italian. Most Matchews are what we consider to be a "Bad Matchew" (Batchew) and that can be very problematic for some. Although Matchews may seem rock hard on the inside, they are only rock hard on the outside because many Matchews have deep pink feelings. Matches enjoy to farm Olives and show off the muscles to the ladies by pulverizing both other Matchews and the ladies themselves. The one way to please a Matchew is by squeezing the Matchew Boobies.
"I like Bad Matchews that's my fucking problem" "Matchew has feelings" "Matchew please stop beating me I only wanted to be your girlfriend and bring you a raspberry iced tea" "Matchew Boobies"
by Senior Council of Bois June 10, 2015
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