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(Maori for Swampland Swampland)
Sad Lonely little town in North Island, New Zealand. The only entertainment is Fights outside Broadway Burger Bar on Saturday nights when the only pub closes and smoking tweed. The biggest local club is the Matamata dole blugers club which has many members. The people are an angry lot so watch yourself but your be best to get yourself to the bus stop if you ever find your self there its up by the KFC (run boy run!!!).
Man its sucks living in Afganistan but at lest its better than Matamata.

I went to Matamata the otherday all the bitches were bare foot and pregnant and all the dudes wanted a rumble.
by Gookboy November 30, 2003
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Another word for AWESOME!!!!
DUDE! You've never been to Matamata!?
DUDE! Her tits are so Matamata
by Nothsa Eyl October 30, 2011
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