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Poorly made shit for shit lock. There are several ways to unlock it without picks. It's possible and extremely easy to make a shim out of a soda can and unlock it.
Jack thought his bike was secure with his Masterlock, but the next day someone guessed his combination in 3 minutes and rode off into the sunset.
by A man in a suit October 10, 2005
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A sexual position where the woman lies on top of the man and puts her ankles behind her head. The man wraps his arms in front of the woman's legs and then behind the woman's head, giving the man total control. This position is used almost exclusively for anal sex.
I had Sally in a Master Lock last night, it was awesome!
by Djsyndrom325 August 24, 2008
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A virtually indestructable lock, made from various metals for the ultimate protection.
I wish i was a masterlock, so everyobdy would love me.
by opio twinkletoes March 17, 2004
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