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A large building dedicated soley to the arts of masterbation. Masterbasiums can be open to the public or exclusive clubs open only to paying members. Most masterbasiums have 3 main rooms, one for males only, one for females only, and a unisex room. There are exceptions though like the famous masterbasium called Hot Stuff in San Fransisco which has no unisex room, but has multiple suanas, and butt plugs glued to every chair. Most masterbasiums have tight nit communities. Members tend to encourage each other with chants while masterbating sometimes even tickling eachothers buttholes.
Mackie: I'm bored... Let's do something fun.
Jimmy: I have an idea! I just joined this masterbasium and I have a guest pass! Let's go!
Mackie: Can we ball bounce there?
Jimmy: This is an anything goes masterbasium, we can do whatever we want aslong as we beat off while we're doing it.
Mackie: Oh My God! Sounds wonderful! Let's go!
by Spudike June 05, 2018
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