Hilariously perverted old man in Dragon ball Z, who is just trying to get some boob but keeps getting denied!
Man, Michael is really acting like Master Roshi today....
by MichaelC_ November 22, 2015
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From the dragonball series, he is a martial arts master and teacher, having only two pupils (The Ox-king, and Grandfather Gohan) before Goku and Krillin. His master is Mutaito, a martial arts master that once saved the world from King Piccolo by sealing him in an electric jar using the Evil Containment Wave (Mafuba in Japanese). He is also referred to as The Turtle Hermit.
That's Master Roshi, the king of martial arts.
by kyle.biddle January 11, 2011
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Ingesting LSD + MDMA + Hallucinogenic Mushrooms + DMT

Master Roshi flipping takes the highest level of mind control humanly possible.
Master Roshi Flipping and go to the Academy of Science's Planetarium will you allow you to understand the universe in its entirety.
by PresidentObama May 28, 2010
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