A social club for monotheistic men that gives much to valuable charitable social causes.
The secrecy in modern Masonry is really irrelevant. It is simply a leftover from Masonry's past. The Masons get their name from the fact that they were LITERAL stone & mortar masons who built temples to the Supreme God. Later, they became guardians of these temples. Contrary to many religious groups and their teachers, the Masonic Temple views Mazda, Yahweh, Jesus and Allah as just being different names for the SAME PERSON. Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are seen more as different DENOMINATIONS of the same true religion, rather than as separate religions. Although some Masons have been led astray throughout history, True Masons want to protect all of these monotheistic religions from harm, which sometimes comes from their sibling religious groups! Yes, some got involved in the Crusades, but, most have set out to keep the peace among all monotheists, and among all people in general.
by The Master Mason August 10, 2006
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