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A school where you are lucky to know half your grade because like 3200 fuckin kids go there. If you don't wear a polo everyday then no one likes you unless you wear a football jersey because that means you are really cool. Big obnoxious Jordans are cool shoes to wear as long as you have socks on that go up to your knees. Although this is very uncomfortable, people might like you if you wear it. Every Friday a very loud guy gets on the announcements and yells "Comet Country" a thousand times and tells everyone we are going to win the football games. Even though we never win, no one points out that "Wild Man Whitney" was wrong once again. Finally, everyone wants to be a Lax Bro.
Friend 1"Dude, that kid goes to Mason high school"
Friend 2"How do you know?"
Friend 1"He's wearing a polo and Jordan's that weigh 8 pounds apiece. And look at those socks! They must be touchin his ballsac!"
by mynameisbarry October 12, 2011
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Wm. Mason High School is the birthplace of Duganism, a postmodern neo-antifoundationalist eschatalogic religion that serves to promote the ideals of "not for the left, not for the right, but rather above."
Tony: What did you say your religion was again?
Ben: I'm a Duganist
Sam: Oh, I see, he must be from Mason High School!
by JeffChaucer September 03, 2016
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