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Verb. Female equivalent to "cock-block." A clam or vagina is blocked from being entered; when intercourse is blocked from said female by her girlfriend(s), long term friend zone male, competing and less desired male, or act of god.
Still in the throes of post-break-up depression, Sally clam-blocked Becky at the party, so she wouldn't have to watch Gilmore Girls and cry into a bag of Dorritto flavored icecream alone.
by roadrunner23 November 30, 2014

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An awful small very conservative high school in Belfair Washington with a graduating class of about 100 (and a drop-out rate even higher). The teachers are stupid and the kids even dumber. It's the norm for a teacher to say a racial slur or to fart in class.

If you can't get a diploma here, drop out of life.
The mascot is the very original Bulldog and other schools knows it as "the tweaker school" or "The maternity ward" It's also the only school that gives freshmen maternity leave and factor in dope-sick or sleeping days (for meth).
"Sure this North Mason High School party has 5 kegs but the damn tweakers are burning a boat intstead of firewood." South Kitsap Sally said to Martin.

"Hey Frank, do you know where I could get some cheap tweak and some easy pussy without trying very hard?"

"Yeah Don, just drive up to Allyn and stop by North Mason Highschool. Walk right in to the school and ask around."
"Go Bulldogs"
by roadrunner23 February 10, 2012

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