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Not just gay but realy gay! Its like gay squared but in spanish.
Whenever Joe, Martita, and Belen drive around they always call pedestrians MAS PUTO!!!!
by Joseph Dominguez April 02, 2007
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From the Spanish word "Puto", which means faggot or gay. When it is used as "Masputo", it means something that is REALLY, REAllY gay. In his stand-up act, George Lopez: America's Mexican, he mentions puto as in being gay and masputo as an even gayer form of puto.
"look at how masputo that guy looks walking his dog by himself."
by jaun chingon October 09, 2007
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something extremely gay...usually yelled out at random people who look or do something gay.....abreviations include mas put! and MP
person #1:haha look at that MP over there!
person #2: Mas Put (Mas Puto)!
by that_1_krayzie_chick July 05, 2009
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Any large adult male that acts or does things that any other man would considered to be gay; puto squared.
I saw Jose was walking out of Starbucks with a tray up to his chin and a Bluetooth, and I yelled out, "MAS PUTO!"
by alacran2121 November 23, 2009
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