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MARYOLOGY - definition: overthinking something starting far in advance in order to best prepare yourself for an upcoming event. discussing an event or project with absolutely everyone you talk to in order to gather as many outside opinions and insight about the subject. to complete all planning of an event or project... at least 6 months before the beginning of the event or project.
Question: How do you get all your party planning done so early?

Answer: Maryology.
by Mary Detwiler February 06, 2010
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Its a welsh vally religion

Maryologists belive that the vallys is the only place in the world. They call there towns countries.

Some times the countries start war against each other.

The religion was found by Flash Jordan.
Flash Jordan was chosen by the god Mary to spread the word of Maryology by writing a bibble and building a church made out of gold.
Maryology is a awesome religion.
by Matthew westcott February 10, 2008
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