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Hot ,pretty and has an beautiful smile. Fit and sporty. Dosent realise she is the one . She's Loyal to everyone and trustworthy. Creative in her own way . Always good to have a laugh with. She takes time to realise what's right and wrong. Enjoyable to be around with. you never get tired of her amazing personality.
Oh wow is that marwa, she's so cool
by Tots_m February 27, 2015
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She is always there for you no matter what. She is the shoulder you cry on and the person who always makes you feel better when you are sad. Don't take her for granted because someone like her is very hard to find. She is the kindest person on the earth. You don't realize how important she is to you until she is gone.
I could really use a friend
Try talking to Marwa
by You_wish_ April 15, 2017
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She is really really sweet. She always is there to lend a hand and give a favor. She’s good with boys and they are all over her. She also is a thicccc. She’s smart,caring,gorgeous and the best friend anyone can ask for
Marwa is hot
by Thottie thottie mcnottie June 06, 2018
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From the Arabic name of a fragrant plant. Al-Marwa is one of the name of a sacred hill near Mecca.
"I did Sa'ay betweeen Al-Saffa and Al-Marwa"
by marwa February 19, 2008
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Amazing super sweet girl with huge eyes. A very lovable person with amazing hair.
Male-Who is that?!
Other male-Thats the amazing sexy Marwa ;)
Male-Wow, shes beautiful.
by Ohemaharrr. July 06, 2011
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Marwa is a someone who is funny but may be shy . They hate awkward moments and may come across fake friends
Marwa is funny
by Urban me October 08, 2017
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arabic girl name, meaning: hott, sexy, everything you need in a women, tall, beautiful smile, angel like face, just a package of greatness.
him: hey, whats your name babe?
her: my name is marwa
him: oh that explains your good looks,
by msym123 September 01, 2009
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