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A person who thinks Marvel characters are unbeatable, and reject any evidence that shows otherwise. You'll find lots on Google+, and other social media websites. Marveltards may tend to downplay anything that isn't Marvel related, but Overestimate anything Marvel related( DCtard's do these types of things as well).
Marveltard: Dude, the Living Tribunal is Omnipotent!

Non-Marveltard: Dude, he isn't, don't be a Marveltard.
by Asdaalpha June 16, 2016
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A Marveltard is someone who thinks a Marvel character is unbeatable. And they will defend any Marvel character, and try to make it look stronger by overhyping their abilities. They may sometimes overhype statements, downplay characters from different series by calling statements Hyperbole, then they use hyperbolic statements themselves.
Marveltard: Dude, Thor beats Archie Sonic!!!! Here it was stated that he is limitless in power!

Other guy: Really? Here it was stated basically that Sonic is a walking plot device.

Marveltard: Hyperbole.
by Hypertonical sleazebag June 27, 2016
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