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A love exercise created by Martha Halftrack. Done by hugging someone then letting go and hugging them again. The constant hug and release motion is also a chest exercise. It is called a Marty Melt because when Marty hugs you, you melt into her. She uses this on her husband, Amos, and her favorite grandson, Bryant Hollifield.
Amos: Oh no, the guys at the party we're talking bad smack about me. I'm gonna get them. After all, I am a B.G., commander of Camp Swampy.

Marty: Whoah, dear. Easy there. I got an exercise that will have you loving them again. Its a Marty Melt. Come here and hug me, but then let go. And when you hug me, I mean SQUEEZE!

Amos: Sure, but how would squeezing on you get the guys to love me? You don't hug them.

Marty: (laughs) Well, its one way I show you love. Come on, Amos, we've been married 53 years. I've loved since the day I met you. (she hugs him hard)

Amos: (returns the hug) Whoah! That's a power hug right there. This is one sweet exercise! Maybe I should tell the other guys.

Bryant: Hey, are you two up to something sweet? Are you getting mushy on him? Let me at it!

Marty: Here, dear. Its your turn. You haven't tried the Marty Melt yet. Now, give Grandma Marty a big hug and don't let go until I say.

Bryant: (hugs Marty) Wow! That's a real burner. My chest is stinging.

Marty: Well, that's a Marty Melt. It really massages your heart. You go all gooey when you get one of these. I love it!

Bryant: Sweet and awesome! I'm gonna have to show Gunny Granny, she'd love it! The Marty Melt is hot!
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 22, 2011
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