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Someone who has a great obsession over Koalas and Kangroos, in the marsupial family. They may want to become one when they are older. A Marsupia may ask their own parents if he or she could move out, into the jungle. A person to this obsession may even wear a velvety brown or gray sack, on their stomach, representing the pouch on these two animals. A Marsupia may do everything he or she can to be like these two aimals.
Sandra has the obsession over Marsupials. She wants to be one when she is older. Sandra wears everthing she can to show her love to the animals in this family. Her hair is brown, she wears her favorite gray sweatshirt every day (which has a full "pouch" as she calls it), her gray sweats on some days and brown on the others. Sandra even has brown and gray socks. She is such a Marsupia.
by FlowerPower56 August 05, 2009
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