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One of the best choices of my life was to choose Marshall University for my undergraduate studies. Compact campus, great professor to student ratio for classes, and just awesome people to be around. Named after chief justice John Marshall, Marshall University is an excellent choice. Home of the Thundering Herd members of Conference USA(CUSA) who consistently perform well in both football and basketball under coaches Doc Holiday and Tom Herrion. Opportunities to be involved and make friends on campus are always coming up such as an active greek community as well as organizations such as the Marching Thunder,Cheerleading and the Marshall Maniacs.

Academic wise Marshall has one of the top medical schools in the area as well as a Forensic Science Graduate Program that is top ranked in the country, based on overall test scores on a recent national assessment test. Teaching Degrees are also very highly ranked at Marshall.

Marshall is the heart of the town in which it sits, Huntington WV. Its history is interwoven with the city and the residents eat, sleep, and breath, green and white. After the 1970 plane crash featured in the film We Are Marshall, the community truely came together to become a part of the University. School spirit is nothing short of amazing here and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. GO HERD, WE ARE MARSHALL!!!
Me: Man did you see the Marshall University bball game last night against Tulsa?
Friend: yeah that was intense the whole town turned out for it.
Me:Its great how much support they get from the community. Go Herd!
by herdthatdrum1 February 25, 2011
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Located in Huntington, West Virginia. Home Of the Thundering Herd. Has a movie about it called 'We Are Marshall'(that movie is the shit). School colors are green and white. Has a great medical program.
Kelly: "You going to that Marshall game saturday?"
Carly: "For sure...the Herd is the shit."
Kelly: "I know, I am so glad i am going to attend Marshall University."
by little.potato.grower September 10, 2008
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A third rate "academic" institution in Huntington, West Virginia who's football fans are the most delusional sports fans in the entire world. They are also extremely annoying and often lack teeth. They also need to get over a plane crash that took place in the 1960s which in this day and age NO ONE knows ANYONE who was in that crash. So quit crying and using it as an excuse anytime you lose a football game.
John Marshall came back to life and promptly killed himself when he realized Marshall University was named after him.
by jdb4402 December 21, 2010
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