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One of the many high schools in fair fax county. It's rivals are Madison and McLean. It has a wide variety of ethnicities and kids are poor and rich because it's vienna and pimmit. They think they're really good at sports (they're not)

Most of the male student body is cocky af. Some if them are open about being whores and the other ones try to cover it up by wearing collared shirts, gay ass rolled up pants and sperrys but truth is they just look like all the color came out of their clothes in the laundry.

The girls at marshall try to act all innocent and preppy but they smoke a lot of weed and fuck on the low.

Also people from Marshall think theyre cool now because they're school just got a renovation but who the fuck cares.

Popular sayings include:

"Wanna go to noodles after school? Actually fuck that let's go now and skip English"

"What even is IB? International Boner?"
You go to Marshall High School can we fuck?

No sorry I'm wearing an $80 vineyard vines t-shirt I screamed at my mom to buy me so that means I'm classy and a virgin.
by Nigga1234567890 December 03, 2013
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A public high school in Fairfax County which receives probably the least amount of FCPS funding in the AAA Liberty District. This high school is also one of the only ones that doesn't have a crew team, and the nastiest inside... aside from Langley. It has one of the best DECA chapters in Fairfax County, and all of Virginia basically. Sportswise, it's nothing special except the students there excel in Tennis, Swimming, Baseball, and ocasionally Golf. The Lacrosse and Football teams are just plain awful. The school is a mixture of middle, uppermiddle and lowerclass kids. The boundries are really random so there is a huge racial variety. Most of the graduates from Marshall end up going to JMU, Tech, UVA, or GMU.

overall its a school mostly focused on partying, getting into college, not obeying your parents, and getting away with it.
Marshall high school, meh it could be worse... we could be cokehead warhawks, heroin shooting' saxons, or even plain old boring highlanders!
by geeceeemm May 16, 2009
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