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Marmaluc' is Italian for a Marmaluke who is anyone who thinks he or she is hot shit. It comes from the Marmalukes who as Muslims couldn't use other Muslims as slaves, so they would go into a conquered city and have the parents bring out their young children to the street as they rode by inspecting them. Then upon spotting a child that seemed bright they would take that child screaming from the parents away to Egypt. There they would be given the equivalent of a Harvard degree and shown the Palace they could live in if they would become, say, the royal accountant etc. So they go back to their native lands strutting and all dressed in the most refined clothes to get their parents to go and live with them in opulence in Egypt. The locals didn't see these people as role models, but merely as sell outs.
You come strutting around here like some Marmaluke!
by Ricciardo Luigi May 21, 2018
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An idiot with no common sense. Typically large oafs that speak mainly with one possibly two syllable words.
If you have seen the Godfather this will help. I'll put it in a sentence. That Luca Brasi is a real marmaluke.
by Jonny21 January 28, 2008
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A mix between a seal and a feather. Its cry sounds-"MARMA! MARMA"
-Did you just scream "MARMA! MARMA!"?
-No, that was that marmaluke over there. it looks like a feather, but its also a seal, native to Alaska.
by SAVE THE MARMALUKES January 21, 2011
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