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A marmalade is when you ask your mate to get you something from the shop and they deliberately bring back the last thing you would have asked for.
Mate: Do you want anything from the shop?
You: Nice one. Yeah, a Snickers?
Mate comes through the door with a jar of marmalade.
You look at him like, 'what's wrong with you mate?'
Straight-faced, he goes, 'Oh, Snickers. I thought you said marmalade.'
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by wilkinandsons July 12, 2018
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"Ugh, I wish Reddit wasn't full of STEMlords the entire goddamn time."
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A new fresh term invented to replace the boring old word 'to jam'. Replacement for the word 'Jam" as in, to play music together.

Let's jam after school= Let's marmalade after school
"What do you want to do tonight?"
"Let's marmalade."

The last time I marmaladed ( past tense of 'marmalade') was with my friends in my basement. We marmaladed to all these Beatles tracks. There was so much marmalade, it was so sticky. (PUN!)
by altothevin October 18, 2009
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1. A jellylike preserve in which small pieces of fruit and fruit rind, as of oranges or lemons, are suspended

2. A method for banging a slimmie in the ass.
What's the difference between jam and marmalade? You can't marmalade your cock in a girls ass.
by Anfron December 05, 2008
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The gelatinous remains of a wet fart. It generally sticks to the inside of one's asshole.
After a particularly risky fart, Tyrone had to check his boxers for marmalade.
by datyoungkid October 11, 2016
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a term for a person to indicate they are everything. They are the juice, the fruit, the seeds, the rind. This person is attractive, smart, sexy, kind, funny, talented and nothing else compares.
by Kiki Montaparte April 27, 2011
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A thick jelly-like liquid made from Oranges including the rind, it is usually used on toast or in sandwiches
The Word is Marmalade and it’s spelt M-A-R-M-A-L-A-D-E
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by Mark Sabine July 20, 2018
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