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Guitarist in the swediwsh neo-classical metal band, Harmony, aswell as new prog. metal band Darkwater. One of Swedens best young guitarists- 27.
Not as good as some of the best guitarists of all time, but amazing for 27. Some of Sweden's undiscovered talents.
"Here listen to this, its one of Markus's Solo's"
"Wow, how can one person alone play that?"
"What can i say, hes amazing."
by Joel Mascinator June 15, 2004
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And...The correct spelling IS....
<drum roll>

Markus Sigfridsson
yup markus sigfridson but with 2 s's! WOW! 2 freaking s's.
again that is
Markus Sigfridsson
by the other Joel Mascinator June 16, 2004
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