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'Doing a Markunt' The act of reading a Face Book group's Description and somehow coming to the conclusion that you are described in a offensive manner.

Thus causing you to do everything you can to get that group closed down.

Although finding out later that the description had nothing to do with you and you are suffering paranoia.

Fark was fuming after reading the group description.

"One ranga who seems to have ended up being rewarded with being born a ginger, ugly and completely unfunny."

Fark "I'll show them I'll get their group shut down"

Fark then proceeded to upload pornographic pictures and reported group finally getting it shut down

Ricky "Fark you dumb fuck that was written 6 months before you joined and any of us knew you"

Fark " oh sorry"

Ricky "oh ffs you have done a Markunt on the group"
by Ricky Foxwell February 12, 2009
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A kind of boil found on your derriere
Guy 1 "hey dude, whats that on your arse?"
Guy 2 "oh man, i think its a markunt"
Guy 1 "shit bro, your gonna be stuck with that forever"
by sophie sex slave July 15, 2008
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