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The most skilled military force in the world. Origins from Norway and is trained in all forms of combat. Would literally kick the butts of any other force, no matter the number. Is often used to compare other forces such as:
Navy seals = 1\100 Marinejeger (scale shows what skill they have compared to Marinjeger).

Is also trained in all arts including (but not only); Air, Land, Sea, Fire, Hellfire and Rambo
US president: "I am sorry to inform that we lost our best Navy Seals when trying to invade Norway. We suspect a single average skilled Marinejeger to be the reason for this. We have decided to retreat all forces from Norway with IMMEDIATE effect."

"Holy crap, Chuck Norris was killed last night!"
"Yes, it was a Marinejeger who did it!"
by Snokeren November 05, 2007
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